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Promax-CRM: A New Approach to Customer Management

Whether you are supplying to retail, food service, or direct store customers, the evolution of business on the road has presented an increasing demand for information where and when you need it. A strong mobile presence enables your team to face difficult questions and choices with more data and confidence in decisions.

Promax-CRM is a web browser application that advances relationships between your sales force and customers by placing critical data at your fingertips. With global 24-hour availability, remote access and powerful tools help you analyze your information and resolve issues instantly via the Internet or your mobile device.

Promax-CRM is fully integrated with Promax-ERP functionality to provide Process Industry-specific benefits. Check up on your supply chain, review quality, and manage inventory across your entire organization with a simple and easy to use interface. Identify trends with sales forecasting, opportunity tracking, and prospect management. The rapid access to data provides you with instantaneous key account details, pending orders, product information, and customer payment history. Promax-CRM drives a shortened sales cycle and improves your overall performance by providing fast and accurate data to you anytime, anywhere.

Client Management

Performance Analysis

Sales History

Trend Reporting

Transaction History

Call Reports

Order Processing

Sales Managers

Profit Analysis

Sales Forecasting

Order Processing

Order History

Special Pricing

Order Confirmation

Target Advertising

Product Catalog

Order Status

Accounts Payable

IN/CM/DM History

Mobile, Global, 24x7

Industry Specific

Automated Systems

Hosting Options

Optimal Performance

Advanced Technology


Any Platform

Express Deployment

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